Pushed A Prowler

"I am thoroughly convinced that the Prowler is the answer to most of our world’s problems: debt, overpopulation, drugs, obesity, etc."
Jim Wendler

According to
EliteFTS, the prowler is one of the best pieces of conditioning equipment out there.  A lot of strength coaches use it as a tool to help their athletes improve their leg, core, and arm strength as well as general conditioning.  One of the benefits of using this is that it can increase blood flow, flush out lactic, acid, and enhance recovery.

This particular prowler unit is a collaboration between powerlifting experts
Westside Barbell and Rogue Fitness called the Butcher.

I went over to
San Francisco CrossFit (thanks again to Kelly Starrett and Carl Paoli) for today’s lunch session.  I started with 40 lbs. on the prowler (20 on each side).  The prowler weighs about 75 lbs. by itself.

I pushed it across their parking lot as fast as I could.
Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 7.05.34 AM

I loaded it up more with more weight (90 more pounds).

This made me quite a bit slower.
Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 7.07.21 AM

I did about six trips, and I was fairly winded.  I found this to be deceptively difficult.  Not only was I having trouble breathing after each run, my legs were so exhausted.  It definitely put me in check.

I would definitely use this in my training if I had one.  There are even some
great challenges that I’ve read about that I wouldn’t mind giving a shot.  This was a great test of strength and conditioning, and I’d recommend it to anyone that is interested in trying it out.

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