Watched Martin Scorsese’s 1980 Classic "Raging Bull"

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Today we moved onto the next film selection from the AFI 100, J and I had some guests over (K, A, and F) to watch Martin Scorsese’s “Raging Bull”.  This movie is a biopic about the life of former middleweight champion Jake LaMotta.  It’s based on his autobiography, Raging Bull: My Life. 

Robert DeNiro, who plays LaMotta, gives an amazing performance, one that he received an Academy Award for.  His portrayal of the hot tempered, jealous boxer is an impressive piece of acting.             

Joe Pesci, who plays Jake’s younger brother Joey, also does a great job in this supporting role.  Joey is always backing his brother through everything and tries to keep his head out of trouble, until even he can’t steer clear of his brother’s flaws.      

The cinematography of this film is wonderful.  You can tell how carefully the framing was chosen, and the camera moves were used sparingly but very effectively.  The movie is almost completely in black and white, revealing a lot of high contrast in the shots.  It’s a beautiful film.

This movie is about a boxer named Jake LaMotta, but maybe even more so, it’s about the flawed masculinity that exists in every man: the raw jealousy, the red hot anger, and the emotion that clouds our best judgement.  I think these are the traits best exhibited in the film, and they’re also the elements that Scorsese couldn’t avoid putting in this work on a very personal level.

I really enjoyed this, and I can see why it’s on the AFI 100.  However, it’s not the kind of movie I could watch at anytime.  It’s not exactly your feel good movie of the year.  Even still, if you haven’t seen it, go see it!

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