Watched Industrial Light & Magic's First Animated Feature Film

Industrial Light & Magic has worked on over 250 films covering 35 years, from practical effects into the digital age of computer graphics.  Not until now has the company worked on an entire animated feature.  There is a first time for everything, and this is my company’s “never done that”.

Over two years ago, the company started work on
Rango, a film that is coming out on March 4 and is directed by Gore Verbinski, who we’ve worked with on all three Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Paramount and Nickelodeon, the film’s production and distribution companies, screened it for the crew that worked on it in our theater.  I worked on this film for a little under a year, between my stint on the second Transformers movie and our honeymoon.  I spent a good amount of time working on this owl character called Ambrose.

My time on the show also included a very memorable two month stint in
Singapore.  It was great to see the shots and character setups that my students worked on tonight.

I won’t say too much about the movie, but it is gorgeous.  The visual style is very cool, and it was an honor to be apart of a crew that made such a wonderful looking film.

After the screening, the company hosted a nice champagne gathering in our lobby and hallways.


This was a fun night, and I’m glad I got the opportunity to celebrate this great achievement with my incredible colleagues.
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