Eaten Roadside BBQ's Pulled Pork Sandwich

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This sandwich is #85 on the “7x7 Big Eat SF: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die” list.  7x7 (the dimensions of San Francisco in miles) is a local print and web publication here in the City.  On the menu, the sandwich is called the Memphis Pulled Pork Sandwich.  “Memphis-style” is topped with homemade cole slaw.

I have eaten the barbeque at
Roadside before, but I had never tried any of their sandwiches.  This particular item is about 5 inches in diameter and 3 or 4 inches tall, and it really does look like the kind of food that upon seeing it, you’d immediately want to pick it up and eat it.  There are three parts of the sandwich that really define it: the pulled pork, the cole slaw, and the bread.

Because I know Roadside for their barbeque, I knew what to expect when it came to the meat.  The times we’ve had their food, the meat has always been tender and satisfying, and this time was no exception.  It was seasoned well, tender, and delicious.

The cole slaw was crisp, and they give you just enough to complement the meat.  While it served its main function of tasting good, it also added a nice element of color to the dish as well.

The ciabatta-style bread is what I really feel separates this sandwich from other pulled pork sandwiches.  Since it’s a ciabatta, the inside parts of the bread have a very satisfying chewiness feel in your mouth.

The combination of tender meat, crisp cole slaw, and crunchy, chewy bread was a good one.  I liked it a lot, and it seemed to have disappeared from my plate as quickly as it had been placed there.  I enjoyed the sandwich with a side of roasted vegetables as well.

The sandwich was unique, and I can see why it was placed on this list.  I’d recommend giving it a try.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank Joanna for picking up the food, Kim for bringing it over, Laurie and Maddie for joining us, and of course, J for always being there for me. 

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