Traveled Through The Colorado Rocky Mountains

"In fact, just about all the major natural attractions you find in the West- the Grand Canyon, the Badlands, the Goodlands, the Mediocrelands, the Rocky Mountains and Robert Redford- were caused by erosion."
Dave Barry

Although few natural landscapes can rival those we have had the pleasure of seeing at the
Grand Canyon or at Zion National Park, the Rocky Mountains in Colorado definitely hold their own. Today, our train traveled through this awesome mountain range, and I was super excited to see them.

Having slept through quite a bit of travel through Utah (Salt Lake City's stop was at 3am this morning.), we awoke to see the sun rising on a beautiful snowy landscape.

These layered rock formations run all along this area of the country, and in my opinion, they're awesome.
IMG_9184-1 (dragged)

Shortly after crossing the Utah/Colorado border, the train traveled along the upper part of the Colorado River.
IMG_9298-1 (dragged)

Glenwood Canyon is a 12 mile stretch that follows the river.
IMG_9309-1 (dragged) 1

Shortly after, I could finally see the Rocky Mountains!
IMG_9366-1 (dragged)

At one of the stops in the mountains, I picked up some snow and made a snowball. Because we don't really get snow out in the Bay Area, I was extremely excited to play with it.
IMG_9393-1 (dragged)

On some of the big turns, we could see the front of the train barreling through the mountains.
IMG_9410-1 (dragged)

The Rocky Mountains are one of the things that make America great, and it's one of the reasons we planned this trip in the first place. We wanted to see the varied landscapes of this great country of ours, and now, we've seen some of its most distinguishable peaks coupled with one of its most incredible rivers, the Colorado. This trip has already been so rewarding, and we haven't even made it to our first stop yet.
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