Made A Bouncy Ball Out Of Rubber Bands

I always loved to bounce rubber balls as a kid.  I was a sucker for those little super balls they had by the counter at the toy store.  Whenever I could convince one of my parents to let me get one, I’d throw it as hard as I could at the ground to see how high it would bounce.  So much fun.

Today, I decided to make a bouncy ball out of rubber bands.  I got the rubber bands from Michaels right before they closed last night.  I got a piece of aluminum foil and over three hundred rubber bands.

I started by balling up the aluminum and wrapping the larger pink rubber bands around it.  I also poured all the rubber bands on the table.

Then I started wrapping purple ones over the pink.

I put the green ones over to add some different colors.  The ball was mostly too small for the small blue bands.

I started running some more of the larger bands over the green.

I tried to mix up the colors, so it wouldn’t look too uniform.  I wanted a little randomness.

It got a little easier to wrap more than one band at a time.  They seemed to stay longer if I could group them and create friction between them.

I kept switching it up.

Then I went through my blue period.  Actually, when I looked down at the table, I realized that I had a ton of blue rubber bands left.  So I decided to just do an entire layer with just blue.

I wrapped a few green ones afterward.

I finished off the ball with the remaining rubber bands (a few green, blue, and purple).

This project was cool because I could do a little bit at a time.  I bounced the ball around for a little while.  If you give it a little force, it’ll bounce pretty well.  Maybe I’ll get some more rubber bands and just add them to the ball. 

Fun times!
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