Run From Home To Work

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This morning, I ran to work.  While it’s not what I’d consider a super long run, it’s a little hilly in parts.  I live in between the Castro District and Twin Peaks areas of San Francisco, almost directly in the center of the city.  I work in the Presidio at the Letterman Digital Arts Center (LDAC), near the Golden Gate Bridge.

The run I took starts with a hill climb.  I crossed Market Street and went up Clayton, along the side of Twin Peaks.  I ran up that hill, and turned left on 17th Street.  That was a nice downhill stretch, and then I turned onto Stanyan.  The first bit is not so bad until you get up to
Golden Gate Park

From there it’s uphill until you get to Fulton.  I kept going and turned left on Geary, passed the place that used to be the
Coronet Theater, and made a right turn on Arguello.  This whole part is fairly flat until you get close to the Presidio.  The steepest hill is right in front of the Arguello Gate.  My legs were burning!  I navigated through the Presidio and eventually ended up at LDAC.

Here’s the full route:

The weather was great for the run.  It was sunny all the way up until I got to the Presidio, but it was nice and cool.  So, I wasn’t dying, which was awesome.

Distance: 4.3 miles
Time: 49:08

Thanks to
Mr. F for the ride home.

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