Gone To A Russian Restaurant

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“The rich would have to eat money if the poor did not provide food.”
Russian Proverb

Tonight, we met up with a few friends for a taste of Russian cuisine.
Russian Family Bistro is in San Bruno, right off of El Camino Real. There aren't a ton of Russian food places I know about, so this was a good opportunity to try an ethnic food that isn't too common.

We met up at the restaurant, and it was cute. It had fun little decorations all over the main dining room.
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Of course, the ambiance wouldn't be complete without
matryoshka dolls.
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We ordered a few different items that I thought Russian cuisine is known for.

The appetizer we ordered was Russian Classic Pirozhki, which were fresh, oven baked, and filled with cabbage, beef and potato.
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We also had the classic Russian soup, Ukrainian Borsch, which the restaurant describes "Old traditional Soup, that everybody claims to have the best recipe."
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Another item we decided to give a shot was called Zrazy “Babushka”, which also known as "Grandma’s Patties." They're potato patties stuffed with ground beef and served with home made mushroom gravy and salad.
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Finally, for the main entree, we ordered Beef Stroganoff, which in general I've seen served with noodles but actually came with french fries.
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This restaurant was a treat. It's a hidden gem in San Bruno. The food was good and very different from other kinds of restaurants I've ever been to. Russian Family Bistro was cool, and I look forward to trying other Russian restaurants sometime soon.

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