Done Sandbag Getups

“The beauty of strongman training is that there's no one way to perform the exercises.”
Joe DeFranco

This particular exercise comes from a workout from, the new website by elite CrossFitter and strongman Rob Orlando.  The workout was:

50-100 pound sandbag get ups x 50 reps for time

I had
the sandbag I made a few months ago, so I used that for this one.  I had to drag it out of the garage and put it in the trunk this morning.  That’s when I realized this was going to be a doozy.

Even though it’s on the low end of the spectrum, fifty pounds was no joke.

All "get-up"-style exercises are described as multi-joint, multi-planar, and very functional. They are very good core movements.  Starting from the ground, I placed the sandbag on my shoulder, planted my foot, set the opposite hand down, moved my left leg behind me so I was in a lunge, and stood up.
SBG1.png SBG2.png

SBG3.png SBG4.png

SBG5.png SBG6.png

The first ten or so were not so bad, but it got tiring very quickly after that.  Here’s a video of my first thirty or so.

As far as exercises go, this one is very unique.  It’s easier than a turkish getup because you don’t have to constantly hold the weight overhead, but it’s quite awkward the way the sand shifts during and between reps.  I can say I think it’s a very useful and functional movement, and I think it’s a solid addition to my training.

This movement can be done with all kinds of different objects, which means I can probably do something like this anywhere.  I can see why getups are rarely used in CrossFit training because it would be a lot easier and practical to power clean the weight onto the shoulder, but standing up with an object from a lying position still has some application. 

I look forward to exploring more of the strongman movements that Rob has posted on his site because this was both challenging and fun!
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