Sprinted Uphill With A 50 Pound Sandbag

Sandbag Sprint

Back on January 11, I
built a training sandbag.  Since then, I have not had the opportunity to take it for a test spin.  I picked today to do it.  I modeled today’s activity after the third workout in the 2009 CrossFit Games.  In the event, the men had to do a sprint uphill with two 35 lb sandbags.  Many of the competitors said it was the hardest event they had to do that weekend (out of 8 workouts).  I have walked this hill often, and it always feels steep.  So, I decided to measure out the distance from the bottom to the top.  From the Cuban restaurant Chan Chan to the bus stop at the end of the block, my GPS told me it was 100 meters.

I counted down “3, 2, 1...”, and headed for the sandbag.  I hoisted it up to my shoulder and ran.  It was heavy, but I picked my feet up one after the other.  It didn’t seem like it would be that bad until just a few meters up.  To my surprise, the weight on my shoulder was really compressing my lungs.  It became increasingly difficult to breathe.  About two thirds up, it started to feel really heavy, but I kept running.

I could see the end, but it wouldn’t come soon enough.  I kept pushing and finally made it to the top.  It was a good workout.  Maybe next time, I’ll try it the way they did with two 35 pounders.

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