Watched The 1981 Comedy "Saturday The 14th"

"If you weren't immortal, you'd kill yourself."

On the heels of Friday the 13th, J suggested that I check out the whacky horror comedy “
Saturday the 14th”.  In this movie, a family inherits a house from their recently deceased uncle and they decide to try and live in it. 

Another couple wants to buy the house because they believe there is a magical book inside it.  Jeffrey Tambour, who I have watched many times on the fine television program “Arrested Development” plays the husband that wants to buy the house.

The couple that inherited the house have two children.  The daughter hates living in the house and the only thing that they can get on the television is “The Twilight Zone”.

Within a few minutes of the movie, the boy finds the book, which is called “The Book of Evil”.
Sat14thBoy.jpg TheBook2.jpg

It releases a number of freaky monsters, including one that looked like he belonged in the Mos Eisley Cantina.  I actually thought the creatures in the movie were pretty well done.
Sat14thMonster.jpg Sat14thMummy.jpg

This was a fun movie.  It was very cheesy and the humor, timing, and pacing of the movie is dated, but I still enjoyed a lot of the jokes.  There were definitely parts where I laughed out loud because the delivery of the jokes was so well timed.  A lot of Jeffrey Tambour’s lines were really, really hilarious.

“It gets bad on Friday the 13th...  but it gets worse on Saturday the 14th.”

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