Scored A Baseball Game

Baseball season is back!  It doesn’t get any better than Opening Day with the 2010 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the oldest rivalry in the sport.  More on this later.

It means it’s time to start going to games again, to get the fantasy baseball leagues going, and to keep an eye on those scoreboards and standings.

Baseball stats and figures are fascinating to me, but one thing that I had never done that I’d always wanted to try was scoring a game with paper and pencil.  I have watched games for a long time, and while I kind of understood when the commentator said it was a 6-5-4 double play, I never took note of it on a score card before. 

I started with some blank scorecards J found online.

I filled in the starting lineups before today’s game.

This was a pitching duel between two time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum and Dodgers starter Clayton Kershaw.  Both pitchers were fantastic.  Unfortunately, the Giants defense failed “Big Time Timmy Jim” as two errors in the sixth made the difference in the game. 

The Dodgers half of the sixth was scored as a called strikeout (backwards K), a walk (BB), an error on the shortstop (E6), hit by a pitch (HBP), flyout to third (F5), runners advance on a throwing error by the catcher (E2), an intentional walk (IBB), and a ground out to first (U3).  This was by far the most complicated inning to score.

Even though this was where the game was lost, something awesome did happen in this inning.  Lincecum had an open base, and he drilled Uribe.  I love it!  (I had mostly forgiven Uribe for taking the money in the offseason to go to our rivals, but it was a whole other thing when I actually saw him in the blue uniform.)  Good one, Timmy!

The eighth inning is when the Dodgers scored their second run off Santiago Casilla on a walk (BB), a stolen base (SB), and a double (2B).

In the top of the ninth, Pat “The Bat” Burrell drilled a ball to deep left field for a home run (HR).

This is definitely a different way to enjoy a baseball game, and now I know how to use those score cards they give in the programs at the ballpark.  The Giants may have lost tonight, but this was a great way to kick off the season.

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