Eaten The Prather Ranch Hamburger At Serpentine

"You can find your way across this country using burger joints the way a navigator uses stars."
Charles Kuralt

This is the final chapter in what I'm going to call the beef trilogy (hockey fans can call it a hat trick if they want). First, I
butchered a cow. Next, I cooked a huge steak. Now, I'm eating someone else's delicious hamburger.

Serpentine is a restaurant on Third and 22nd. I had the pleasure of going there for the first time tonight and enjoying a meal. Serpentine's hamburger is not on the 7x7. However, it was named best burger last year by SF Weekly, and it was a Critic's Choice on a site I often visit called Eater SF. (By the way, the reader's choice for best hamburger was 4505.)


The hamburger was good. It was delicious. In my opinion what makes it special are the little pickled pink onions. They add a little tang to the tasty and well-cooked
Prather Ranch beef patty. The Acme roll complements the juiciness of the meat, and the lettuce and pickles top it off. I really enjoyed it.

I would recommend this burger to anyone as long as it's not
Thursday or Saturday during lunch time.
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