Seen Sheherezade: A Year In Review

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Sheherezade, now entering its 11th year, is an evening of short plays written by members of the Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco that “celebrate, pick fun at, and put some perspective on the year that was 2010.”

This was a really cool theme for a series of plays.  There were eight plays in all, and they had a wide range of topics from last year, including the popularity of the iPad to the oil spill in the Gulf to the San Bruno PG&E explosion.  Some were dramatic while others were comedies.

One of the plays was written by my friend and coworker
Kirk Shimano, who is a great writer.  It was called “Proposition Ate” 

The event took place at a place called
Stage Werx, which is downstairs from the San Francisco Playhouse at 533 Sutter Street.

When you enter the building, there is a really cool hallway of mirrors.

The theater is down a set of stairs which lead to a lobby and a box office booth.

We took our seats.  There was a good showing of ILM people at this event to support Kirk.

Topics from 2010 touched on in the plays:
  • -PG&E pipe explosion
  • -Gulf Oil Spill
  • -Muslim prejudice
  • -World Cup predicting octopus
  • -iPad popularity
  • -Catholic priest scandals
  • -Stem cell research
  • -Proposition 8 overturn
It was an interesting theme to base a production on.  All in all, it was fun, and it was for charity.  So, it was a win-win.

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