Drunk Sightglass Coffee

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"A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems."
Paul Erdos

Recently, 7x7 rated the coffee of 8 different local roasters and ranked Sightglass the highest. It's a new roaster, and their place has only been open for a few months. Located on 7th Street and Folsom, they have a huge space for serving and roasting coffee.

Their appointments are made of wood and the design of the place is very minimalistic and wide open.
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They have lots of beans from many different parts of the world. This batch is from Ethiopia.
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They had the roaster going and it smelled really good in there.
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I had a cup of the
Yirga Cheffe from Ethiopia that was drip brewed just for me, and it was delicious. It smelled fragrant and a little fruity, and it had an almost minty quality in its taste.
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I love coffee, and I really enjoyed this cup. I decided to get a bag of beans (
Blueboon Blend) to take home as well. If you get a chance to get down here and enjoy a good cup of joe, try it. You won't be disappointed.

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