Bonus: Seen A Duran Duran Cover Band

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The evening after the Giants FanFest, I was invited to see my buddy Tim B’s Duran Duran cover band, Sing Blue Silver, at the Red Devil Lounge on Polk Street.  This was fun.  I got there early enough to see the band that played right before them.  There were plenty of people there ready for some 80’s fun.

Unfortunately, the band didn’t get an opportunity to have a sound check and they had a limited amount of time to set up for their set.    

Getting the sound just right for great sounding covers is both a science and an art.  I thought they sounded great, keeping the sound very close to the actual band’s sound.    

I have to say this was a lot of fun to watch, and I commented after the set that I never really paid attention to how great the bass lines are for Duran Duran songs.  Tim said he really enjoyed playing them.  I can see why.

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