Fixed A Sink Drain Rod

“It is better for civilization to be going down the drain than to be coming up it.”
--Henry Allen

I am embarrassed to say that the drain rod in our bathroom has not worked for quite sometime (not months but years). Today, it was my goal to fix it. A while back, I tried to fix this, but was unsuccessful because I didn't fully understand how it worked. If I put the plunger in the hole, it would just fall in, and the sink would fill up with water. Also, it's very difficult to remove when it's in there.

I looked down the drain and noticed a thin piece that runs perpendicular to the sink. When I pulled the rod, it moves down, and when I push it down, it moves up. Based on the position of the piece, I guessed that it was meant to be installed in the up position. It was basically inaccessible any other way.

I couldn't fit the plunger onto the piece for the longest time and was actually getting fairly frustrated. Several minutes of failed attempts and I took a break.

I took another look down the drain and thought there had to be a reason I wasn't getting it. It was then that I realized that that piece was not centered and maybe it should be. I stuck a screwdriver down there and pushed it so it would go straight through the middle.

That did the trick! I was able to slip the hole end of the plunger right onto that small piece, and viola! I pulled the drain rod up and down, and it totally worked.
IMG_6840-1 (dragged) 1 IMG_6841-1 (dragged)

I learned that sometimes I can procrastinate on a small item for a long time, and perhaps, that item may not take as long to deal with as I might think. With a little effort and a relaxed attitude, I can handle something like this in a relatively small amount of time, instead of being annoyed with it for a long time. I think it's important to remind myself that this is the case from time to time, and I'm glad I have a working sink drain now.
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