Run With Compression Sportswear

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"We're men, we're men in tights (TIGHT tights),
Always on guard defending the people's rights."
--From Mel Brooks' 1993 Film
Robin Hood: Men In Tights

Compression sportswear is form fitting clothing intended to keep the muscles warm to prevent muscle strain and fatigue as well as wick away sweat from the body. I had seen quite a few of my favorite athletes wear Skins before, but I had yet to try them on before. There were a few reasons for this, but the biggest was that they're super expensive. They usually cost around $115 each for the shirt and tights.

Recently, J found a big sale at REI on a bunch of Skins stuff, so we got a shirt and tights. I finally was able to pick them up at the store and try them on, and I felt good enough in them to go for a run.

It felt really strange at first because the clothing was so tight on the body, and I don't normally wear stuff that's so form fitting. The shoulder area in particular feels kind of constricted, but I was totally able to move around without a problem.
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For our run today, we went to Lake Merced. I wanted to park near the pull-up bar, so that's what we did. I did a few pull-ups in the gear to see how it felt. I liked it!
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We went for our run after this. At first, I thought I would feel really hot in it because it was so tight, but it was actually the opposite. It really kept me cool throughout the run. So far, my experience with the Skins shirt and tights was positive. I will definitely use them again, and I really want to know how it feels doing other activities like weightlifting or gymnastics in them.

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