Dined At The Top Of The Space Needle

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"When you think about the Space Needle, you also think about Junior rounding third."
Alex Rodriguez

Tonight, we met up with a good friend and had dinner at
Sky City. Sky City is a revolving restaurant at the top of the Space Needle. We were all pretty excited about going up there and seeing the city of Seattle from a unique perspective.

There are a few perks when you decide to have dinner at the restaurant. First, it's normally $16 to get into the Space Needle and you don't have to pay that. Also, you don't have to wait in the fairly long line to go to the top.
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During the quick, 42 second elevator ride to the top, we got a brief history lesson on the structure which was built in 1962 for the World's Fair. When we got to our table, I was happy to find we were seated next to the window, which everyone in our party loved.
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As the sun set over Seattle, young Olive appreciated the view.
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The restaurant makes a full revolution every 47 minutes, so every couple of minutes, we would get different views of the city.
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It was really nice sitting there and looking out the window every so often and seeing something different, but eventually, our food came out, and we got to eat. I ordered beef short ribs which came out with a little squash and some green beans.
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I also got a side of crab macaroni and cheese. It was pretty tasty.
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Another side I decided to try was the asparagus wrapped in prociutto.
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As we were eating, we noticed people leaving notes on the side, which would eventually get back to them when the restaurant completed a rotation. It takes 47 minutes for it to go around. I used Olive's red crayon to write on their notes when they got around to us.
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For dessert, I ordered an ice cream dish called the Lunar Orbiter. Our server poured dry ice to make this something unique.
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Overall, this was a great experience. The dinner was tasty, the view was beautiful, and the company was fantastic. I only wish I could afford to do this more often. It's totally recommended.

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