Eaten The Burger And Fries At Spruce

The burger and fries at Spruce is number 38 on the 2011 7x7 Big Eat List.  This is by far the fanciest place we’ve eaten this year.  Zuni Cafe was nice, and so was Range, but I dressed up for Spruce and still felt way underdressed (for a burger?). 

Guys, if you take a date here, expect to spend a lot. 
Ladies, if he takes you on a date here, he’s trying to impress you.

J, A, and I went for dinner at 7:30.  After you walk in, the bar is on the right.  The bar has its own menu, which the burger and fries are on.  You can order from the bar menu in the dining room as well.

We sat down and were given leather bound menus.

Their wine list was very extensive, which to me was quite impressive despite the fact that I don’t drink.  Cheers!

For an appetizer, J and I split some seared scallops, which they brought out on separate plates for us.  It was cooked perfectly and very tasty with the endive and citrus flavor.

The burger and fries came next.  They serve it with tomatoes, shoestring-style pickled onions and pickles sliced paper thin.

The fries are double fried in duck fat, and they were delicious.  They had the right amount of salt.

I dressed up my burger and was good to go.

The bun was a ciabatta-style bun, and it held together well.  The burger was a perfectly cooked medium rare.  It was very juicy and full of flavor.  The fries complemented it really well.  I would say it was very good.

J had poached lobster with gnocchi.  I had some, and it was good.

A had pork tenderloin.

After the main entrees, we had dessert.  I ordered a coffee hazelnut mousse cake and a coffee.


The bill comes out in a little vellum folder.

This was a nice evening, and if it weren’t so outside of my price range, I might come back soon.  I’d like to try their off the menu special sometime.

Spruce makes a very nice burger and tasty fries.  I’m not entirely sure it warrants the high price ($16 for the burger and $6 for the fries), but it was delicious and I can see why it’s on the 7x7 list.
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