Squatted For Five Minutes

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"I was built to squat."
Tom Platz

Every thirty days,
Kelly Starrett has his followers do a squat test so they can see their mobility progress. The squat test involves accumulating ten minutes in a squat position, or as he likes to call it, "messing around in the bottom of that 'paleo' chair".

I had never done five straight minutes before, and that was my goal today. It's really amazing how a simple squat can expose the gaps in movement I have. Almost immediately after I started, I could feel some real problems in my ankles and calves because they were super tight. This was followed by shin pain. It was brutal for a few minutes, and I started sweating within two or three minutes.

After the four minute mark, it started to be a little more bearable, and eventually, I was able to push through any pain I had and hit and pass the five minute mark.

This is a great test of mobility. I definitely want to extend the time I'm capable of doing this. People in many countries around the world can sit there and do this all day long. Sadly, I cannot, but it's definitely something I can work towards.

If you haven't tried this, give it a shot! Practice good form. If you're not sure how, leave me a comment or send me a mail at nick@iveneverdonethat.com
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