Tasted A Holiday Stollen

"There are certain things Germans do better than everyone else. Not incurring massive amounts of public debt is one of them. Christmas baking is another."
L.V. Anderson, You're Doing It Wrong: Christmas Bread

Tonight, we had a holiday dinner with our friend Laurie. She brought over a stollen from Whole Foods. Since I had never eaten a stollen, I wanted to try it. A
stollen is a loaf-shaped cake with dried fruit covered in sugar or powdered sugar. It's a traditional German cake, and it's usually served during the Christmas season. The form of the stollen is said to represent the baby Jesus in swaddling clothes. This cake has been around since the 14th century, where it was first baked in the city of Dresden. Every Christmas, Dresden hosts a "Stollen Festival".

One of stollen's main characteristics is its sugar coating. The outside is often covered with more than one layer of sugar.
IMG_3535-1 (dragged)

I didn't know this beforehand, but stollen is very dense. In fact, I read that it can be as rich and dense as yeast bread can get. I believe it. The one we had was tasty, but it was super thick. It's pretty tough to eat a lot of it.

Stollen tastes interesting because it has raisins and nuts but also a citrus zest. I thought it was delicious, even though I couldn't eat too much of it. I'm totally glad I tried this.

Christmas is celebrated differently in different countries, and I'm happy I got to enjoy a piece of another culture's version of a holiday I hold so dear. Merry Christmas!
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