Built A Stuffed Animal

"Thank heaven for little girls
for little girls get bigger every day!
Thank heaven for little girls
they grow up in the most delightful way!"
Maurice Chevalier (from the 1958 film Gigi)

Our niece Rebekah was born on the Fourth of July. Before we knew the sex of the baby, J had a feeling the baby would be a girl. She found this Build-A-Bear craft kit so I could make a little stuffed bunny for her (this is also the year of the rabbit in the
Chinese Zodiac). Luckily, J was right. Since she was born this week it meant it was time for me to put this together.

The kit comes with the shell of the bunny, a little outfit for her, the stuffing, some thread, a birth certificate, and a little red plastic safety needle.

I turned the bunny skin inside out and started sewing from the shoulder and around the arm all the way down to the inside of the leg. I repeated this for the other side of the bunny as well.

The next step was to sew the opposite side so that the threads weave each other. This made a pretty good looking, continuous stitch.

It took a few minutes, but I did both sides.

I turned her inside out, and I was actually impressed with how she looked.

It was time for me to stuff her. They give you a lot of stuffing. After fluffing it out, I stuffed it in the head first, then the arms and down from there.

I added the heart, stitched the bottom together and put the clothes on that come in the kit. Then I put the little flowers that go on over her ears on.
IMG_4926-1 (dragged) IMG_4931-1 (dragged)

After I finished, I stopped to admire my handiwork.

This was a pretty cool kit. I liked the fact that it really did come with everything I needed to put it together. Also, I think I learned a thing or two about sewing. Not too shabby!
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