Eaten The Tuna Tostada At Tacolicious

One of the benefits of working near the Lombard Gate of the Presidio is its close proximity to the eating spots on Chestnut Street.  I had heard about Tacolicious from a few co-workers and I wanted to give them a shot.  I put today on the calendar to try the item that’s #29 on the 7x7 Big Eat 2011 list, the tuna tostada.

Actually on the menu, it’s called:
Albacore tuna tostada “Contramar-style” with crispy leeks, chipotle mayo, avocado
Contramar is a well-known seafood restaurant in Mexico City.)

With my current
CrossFit group, I decided to head to the restaurant after our lunchtime workout.  It’s located right on Chestnut (at Fillmore), next to Pacific Catch.

We placed our orders at the bar and waited.

They had an interesting special at the door.

The tuna tostada is an interesting dish.  It’s basically tuna sashimi, avocado, and a few toppings on a large tortilla chip.

It tastes pretty good.  The fish is fresh, the avocado is tasty, and the textures all blend well together.  Tacolicious prides itself on its fresh and sustainable ingredients.  They succeed in this way.  Because they use higher end stuff and they’re in the Marina, they can almost justify charging $10.50 for this.  In my opinion, it’s a little too expensive.  I was still really hungry after eating them.

I also took the opportunity to try their crispy fish tacos and their carnitas tacos.

The food tasted good, but now I have a bone to pick with these guys.  I went to this establishment based on the fact that the tuna tostada was on the 7x7 list.  I went on Tacolicious’s website and found out that the woman that manages their blog, who is also the owner’s wife, is a senior editor of 7x7.  When I found out, I was kind of pissed.  This is a conflict of interest, don’t you think?  The only thing redeeming is that didn’t really try to hide it ... except that you did have to do some extra searching to find that out.

The other thing I noticed about the website is that one of their favorite pages is the Los Angeles Dodgers website, and Nicky ain’t down with that.

Summary: The food is good but overpriced, and it’ll be a long while before I go back. 
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