Watched Mel Brooks's 1968 Comedy "The Producers"

I have a formula for success:  Mel Brooks + Gene Wilder = Movie I’m going to love.

“Blazing Saddles” and “Young Frankenstein” are two of my very favorite movies.  I must’ve seen both of those several times.  In fact, my best man rented a theater and screened Young Frankenstein for my bachelor party in Portland a few years ago. 

“The Producers” is Mel Brooks’s first feature film.  It’s about a plan conceived by a struggling, washed up Broadway producer, played by
Zero Mostel, and a very nervous accountant, played by a young Gene Wilder, to produce the worst Broadway musical possible.  Their intent was to use creative accounting and produce a flop and keep all the money they raised to make the play.

Mostel and Wilder seem to have so much fun in this movie.  They play off each other’s ridiculous personalities so well.
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I had never seen Zero Mostel in a movie before, but he was great in this film as Max Bialystock.  Whether he’s trying to convince people to do what he needs them to do or trying to seduce little old ladies, he's just hilarious.
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Kenneth Mars plays Franz Liebkind, an ex-Nazi that has written a musical ode to Adolf Hitler.
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Gene Wilder plays Leo Bloom, and I almost died laughing during this scene in which his blanket was taken away.  There are a few scenes where he goes hysterical that were so so funny.
Screen shot 2011-04-07 at 10.27.27 PM

There are so many funny scenes in the movie, one of which is when they hire a secretary that doesn’t speak English.
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This is not my favorite Mel Brooks film, but it’s a solid movie.  It has some great jokes and one-liners, but it also had some quality physical comedy as well.  I imagine this film, as far as vulgarity is concerned, was probably as controversial as South Park was when it first came out.  It got mixed reviews when it came out, but it won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.  Now it’s regarded as one of the best American comedies ever made.

“The Producers” is also
streaming on Netflix.

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