Gone To The Treasure Island Flea Market

“You've never been to a flea market and you think they have fleas there.”
Jerry Seinfeld from the episode Pez Dispenser

I love looking at the odds and ends you can find at flea markets and thrift stores.  A long time ago, I worked in a thrift store in the Mission, and they were some of the most memorable times of my life.  It was always exciting to see cool, old stuff that people were willing to part with.  There’s something special about discovering that great item at a extraordinary price.  When I found out that Treasure Island was going to start having a flea market on the last weekend of each month, I thought this might be a situation where I could get that feeling again.

Today was the first time they’d ever held this flea market, and quite a few people showed up to check it out.  When I got there, parking was not that easy, and there was a line to get in.  I got a coupon for free entry, but it’s normally just $3.

In the front section, there were three or four companies selling plants of many varieties.

One company called Planks 10 makes pretty cool custom vintage furniture.


They also had a few bands playing and selling their CDs.

Magnolia Photo Booth Company was there.  They rent their booths out to events and have the photos available from their site.

There were a lot of food choices, including kettle corn, mini doughnuts (the top hat guy was awesome), pizza, and a couple of food trucks.
IMG_0711 IMG_0713

IMG_0766 IMG_0720

One booth was selling vintage British transit route signs and other thing made from them.

There were a ton of really great local artists.  One of my favorites was a guy that made these sculptures out of recycled materials.
IMG_0723 IMG_0724

I also met a hobby inventor named Frank made this “electric urban rover” that he brought to Maker Faire last week.

I really enjoyed some of the cool old stuff they had there, including an antique butter churner and a vintage accordion.
IMG_0725 IMG_0726


I ended up eating while I was there.  I had a Belgian sugar waffle with Nutella for a snack.

Later, I enjoyed some good barbeque food: a hot link and a pulled pork sandwich.
IMG_0767 IMG_0768

I also took in the great view from the island. (click to enlarge)
Treasure Island Panoramic-filtered

Also on display was the newly completed 40 foot dancing woman sculpture called “Bliss Dance” by artist Marco Cochrane.

I didn’t buy many items today, but I ended up buying vintage letterpress blocks from this booth.  They were really cool looking, and I thought of a couple of letter arrangements I wanted to do.
IMG_0737 IMG_0738


Overall, the Treasure Island Flea Market was a fun experience.  It did start to rain while I was there which was unfortunate as I was just in shorts and a t-shirt, but I still enjoyed looking around and seeing what kinds of items people were selling.

I really hope the flea market helps generate revenue for Treasure Island and guessing from the crowds that showed up today, it definitely has potential.  I think it’s one great way to repurpose the use of the man-made island’s land.  This flea market had local art, great views, a good variety of food, unique items, and live entertainment.  I really couldn’t have asked for better.
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