Shot A Time Lapse Video

"Time is what prevents everything from happening at once."
Albert Einstein

I had always wanted to experiment with time lapse photography.  I think it’s awesome when you can capture something moving at a slow pace and replay it moving fast.  It’s a really great way to accentuate a subtle subject matter.

I used a Canon T2i and the software that came with it, EOS Utility for Mac.  I set the camera up facing my window out into the city.  I did a test the night before and left it over night.  I wanted to see how long the camera could take photos on a single battery.  It took 1400 photos.  I set it for every fifteen seconds.

I also set it up the next day to take a photo every minute during the day.

Finally, I set the camera up to take the sunset in the evening.

I put the movies together in Adobe After Effects CS5 by importing the JPEG sequence and rendering a movie from them.

This was a pretty neat experience.  I had always wanted to make a movie this way and I believe this was a great test for some other time lapse projects I can do with more interesting subjects in the future.
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