Volunteered At The Annual Lucasfilm Trivia Night

Every year, my company runs a trivia night that raises funds for the AIDS Emergency Fund and the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund.  The AEF/BCEF provides emergency financial assistance to local Bay Area women and men to cover basic human needs.  It is one of the coolest events that I’ve ever seen.  People participate in groups of four, and each team raises at least $500.  This year there were 71 teams, two of which raised over $2000.

Two years ago, I was on a team that placed fifth.  This year, I decided I would volunteer.  I had two tasks tonight: handing out t-shirts to other volunteers and scoring answer sheets.

I had to get to the event at 4pm to give t-shirts to those who had not picked them up earlier.

It was pretty slow, so I did take the opportunity to take a look at the trophy.

Shortly after 5 o’clock, it started to get very crowded in our dining commons.


Before the start of the trivia contest, people were getting pretty excited, and it seemed like everyone was having so much fun.  It is a very rare sight to see this room packed like this:

I even took a peek at the prizes and the loser’s trophy.

There were seven rounds of trivia.  After each round, other volunteers known as “runners” took all the answer cards and sent them our way.  We compared the sheets to the answer sheets, and then we counted up the right answers.  Then, we could go back out and watch some more.  Here’s the scorer’s room:

It was a long evening, but it was fun.  I got to meet a few really cool people, and it was nice to help out in this way.  Next year, I think I might try to be on a team again, but I would easily recommend doing this for anyone that would want to help out.
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