Drank Water Upside Down

“I think hiccup cures were really invented for the amusement of the patient's friends.”
--Bill Watterson

There are so many theories on curing hiccups. Some people hold their breath. Others pull on their tongues. My mom always told me getting startled or surprised fixes it, but there is a theory that drinking something upside down stops the hiccups as well.

I didn't have the hiccups, but J suggested I try it to see how it felt to drink something that way. For illustration purposes, she used green food coloring to accent the liquid.

Since I've never really been a drinker, I have never done a kegstand, but I imagine this is similar. It felt weird to go against gravity, but it totally worked. It's definitely not a comfortable position to be in. Maybe now that I know what it feels like, I will give it a shot the next time I have hiccups. It's worth trying, and it beats the heck out of being scared by someone.

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