Surprised My Wife With A Four Course Meal

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I love my wife, even more than the television program Lost and the San Francisco Giants.  Although the naysayers will call Valentine’s Day a Hallmark holiday, I don’t care.  It’s an excuse to treat each other extra special, and if you want to, you can make it really fun.

I keep a calendar for the things I plan to do for this project, and on the calendar for today, it says “Cook Lobster Newburg”, but instead of making just one thing I’d never made before, I made four.  My whole plan was to surprise J with a dinner of several of her favorite foods.

For the first time ever, I made a
French Onion Soup.  I cut and cooked the onions.  My eyes were burning when I was cutting them because there were so many.  I put in some broth and wine, threw in some spices and brought it to a boil.  Then, I simmered it for twenty minutes.  I toasted bread and grated some Gruyere.

I topped a bowl of the soup with the toast and cheese, and after a few minutes in the oven, it looked good enough to eat.

To complement the soup, I prepared a
Caesar salad.  I had never made Caesar salad dressing before.  I excluded anchovies and mustard because J is not a fan of those things.

Next, I made the
Lobster Newburg.  I steamed the lobster much like I did last month.  I removed the meat and shredded it. 

The sauce was simpler than I thought it would be.  It was basically butter, cream, eggs, and madiera (with a few spices thrown in as well).

I know the lobster itself would’ve been sufficient as the main course, but I decided to go even bigger with it by making it surf and turf.  I cooked a filet mignon and mushrooms plus added a side of asparagus.  Then I put the lobster on top of puff pastry.

After the main course, I also used the extra puff pastry I had to make
apple turnovers.  I added vanilla ice cream on the side.

I felt like this was a very successful dinner, and J was surprised, which in the past has been very difficult to pull off.  I have to admit that I thought all the food turned out well.  It was fun to make, and I think I could easily make any of these again.

I hope you all had as great a Valentine’s Day as I did.

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