Watched Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 Masterpiece "Vertigo"

Although I’ve seen quite a few “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” episodes on syndicated television as a kid, I feel guilty the only Alfred Hitchcock film I had seen is “Rear Window”.  I loved that movie, and I think it’s a classic for sure, but I almost think it’s criminal that I had not seen either “Vertigo” or “Psycho” (I swear it’ll come up soon).

“Vertigo” is the highest placed Hitchcock film in the latest
AFI 100 (#9).  The movie stars James Stewart as a police detective named “Scottie” that nearly falls to his death during a police chase.  The mental scars of the incident, along with the guilt of being responsible for a policeman’s death because of the incident, cause him to have a very severe acrophobia.  As a side note, the way his vertigo is shot in the film is really cool.

Scottie retires from the police force as a result of the incident and his phobia.  He is then asked for a favor by an old college friend (Tom Helmore).

His friend asks him to follow his wife (Kim Novak) whose behavior as a wanderer is very peculiar.

The setting of the movie is one of my favorite places, my hometown of San Francisco.  Many of the scenes were shot here, and some of the locations are very close to my heart.  It was apparent to me that the person that wrote the script knew the city fairly well.  Some of the landmarks used in the film: Coit Tower, Palace of Fine Arts, Mission Dolores, Golden Gate Bridge, Palace of the Legion of Honor.

This was a really cool film.  Both of the leads are brilliant in it.  It’s beautifully shot and very well crafted.  The way it’s put together is fantastic, and the characters are just so fascinating. 

One of the things that really stood out to me was that the score fits so well with this film.  It’s really impressive.

I would easily recommend this film to anyone interested.

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