Gone To A Video Game Inspired Art Show

Giant Robot (618 Shrader Street @ Haight) is hosting an exhibit of video game inspired art until the end of the month.  It’s called Game Over IV, and it’s “a group show that pays homage to the continuous evolution of video games and their massive influence on popular culture.” 

If you’ve never been to Giant Robot, it’s around the corner from the
Amoeba on Haight Street.

This was a pretty fun exhibit.  A few of the pieces stood out to me, one of which was this set of three 8-bit “terrariums”: Castlevania, Zelda, and Super Mario Bros.
IMG_6157 IMG_6158 IMG_6159

There was also a
Mario Kart depiction of the most annoying course ever, Rainbow Road.

I also liked this set of Mario Kart characters.

This collage of rhythm games was shown in a light box.

Space Invader plates.

Here’s a more R-rated version of what happens when Pac-Man loses a life.

This NES controller is playing with himself....

Skate or Die!

Cool drawings of Zerg units in
StarCraft.  (Kirk had to tell me what they were because I’ve never played Starcraft)

I liked these fun
Bomberman paintings.


I liked these paintings of
Yoshi and Pikachu.

Of course, no modern video game exhibit is complete without
Angry Birds.

I enjoyed this exhibit, although I wish the store it was held in had better stuff to shop for.  Also, I wish the prices for pieces were a little less expensive.  If they have it again next year, I would definitely be interested in going again.

Cool stuff:
New Super Mario Bros. for Wii
Mario Kart for Wii
Castlevania - Lords of Shadow
Angry Birds Plush Set
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