Cooked Honey Walnut Prawns

Chinese New Year’s was on February 3, but because of a few scheduling conflicts, we were unable to have a family dinner until tonight.  I volunteered to make one of the dishes, Honey Walnut Prawns.  I chose this dish because I love eating it and also because I had never made it before.

The first step is to make a simple syrup for the walnuts.  With one part water and one part sugar, I stirred and boiled.

I added the walnuts and boiled for two minutes.

I removed the walnuts from the pot and let them dry.


I then had to clean the prawns and remove their shells.  J and I did about a pound each, and while I was working I had a guest stop by.

I decided to leave the tails on, since I thought they looked nicer that way.

I needed to separate two eggs because I was planning on coating the prawns in egg whites.  I enlisted the help of my special guest to hold the yolk of the eggs for me.

My helper watched as I mixed the whites and the prawns together, and he also helped measure out the mochiko flour as well.

We were preparing them for frying.  The little guy helped me bread a few of the prawns.


I fried them in hot oil and put them on a rack (that J set up for me) to cool and drain.


I made the sauce and stirred the prawns into it.

I had to get my little taste test in.

And here is the final result.

I think it turned out well, but in hindsight, I think I would’ve preferred taking the tails off.  I wouldn’t say it was an easy dish to make, but I could do it again in a fairly short amount of time.  It was a good experience.  And tasty, too.  ;)

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