Taken A Yoga Class

A few weeks ago, J, L, A, and I all signed up for a yoga class at Hanuman Center in the Castro.  We scheduled this near the end of February because I thought a lot of the new year’s crowd would thin out after a few months.

The class we took was a beginning
hatha yoga class.  Hatha yoga is used as a preparatory stage of physical purification that the body practices for higher meditation.

Here is a description of the class we took:

Simple poses are held in accurate alignment to invoke opening of your heart. You will develop proper postures and relaxation techniques for everyday life at work, home and play. Emphasis is placed on enhancing core strength, flexibility, balance, relaxation and deep breathing. Teaching of mediation, mind-body awareness to allow your inner beauty to shine from inside out.

I found that they were very welcoming to beginners like me.  They have plenty of mats and bands.  They offered us tea before the class.  Our teacher Weihaur was very friendly.

I know my flexibility is a weakness. It’s something I’ve been working on (though less diligently than
Kelly Starrett would recommend).  I expected this to be difficult, and I was right.  Holding a good posture was hard on my back, but I did my best.

The most difficult part for me was the eagle pose.  My shoulders were so tight I could not get my elbows anywhere near each other. 

Weihaur gave me a good scale after the class was over. Using a yoga strap helped me be able to stretch the correct muscles even though I couldn’t properly hold the full eagle pose.

Quite a bit of the class was about calming yourself and meditation.  In fact, at the end of the class, I felt like we were just lying on the ground for 15 minutes.  At least one person fell asleep during this, including a loud snorer.

Overall, I thought he was a good teacher, although he spoke quite softly and English isn’t his first language.  I would take another yoga class in the future at the Hanuman Center.  It was both calming and challenging as well as a nice activity to do with friends.

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