Eaten The Roast Chicken And Bread Salad At Zuni Cafe

Continuing from my last post on the “7x7 Big Eat SF: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die” list, I decided to try the first item, the roast chicken and bread salad at Zuni Cafe.  This is the description from the menu:

     Chicken for two roasted in the brick oven; warm bread salad with red mustard greens, scallions, currants, and pine nuts

I made this reservation a few weeks ago.  We got there at 6pm.                                     

I was excited to see that we were seated right above the kitchen, so I got a few good photos of the brick oven and the oyster station.


Since we knew the chicken would take an hour to prepare, we let our server know we were definitely going to get that as we tried to figure out what we might have before the main course.  J and I decided to get two things: the Zuni Caesar Salad and Clams with White Beans and Spinach.  Both were good dishes. 

The salad was a very classic-looking Ceasar with whole baby romaine leaves and anchovies in the dressing, but the standout item in this dish was the croutons.  They were the best croutons I’ve ever had.

The clams were flavorful and complimented the beans very well.  I really enjoyed the sauce and the spinach.              

The main event was next, and I’m happy to report that it did not disappoint.  The chicken was juicy and melted in my mouth, but what really separates this dish from anything else I’ve ever had was the bread salad.  By itself, the bread salad has a tangy, vinegary taste, but when combined with the saltiness of the chicken, it tastes amazing.  The combination is what makes the dish.  The greens, scallions, and currants mix in there, and it’s delicious.  The only down side I found was that I did not have enough room in my stomach to eat more of it.  We were saving room for dessert.              

After the chicken, we ordered one of their cheeses (a tasty blue cheese) and a lemon chiffon cake.  I enjoyed both, however, it took me a little while to enjoy the cake.  I think there were sections of it that didn’t have quite the flavor as other parts. 
IMG_2639 IMG_2637

I had never eaten here before, and I’d just like to say that I’d gladly come back.  There were definitely other items on the menu that I’d like to try sometime in the future.  One of the things that made our experience so great was our server, Cherish.  She was very helpful when we were making our food choices, and she was just all around nice.  We told her about this site, and she gave me an idea for a future day.  I’ll let you know when I decide to do that one.

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