Taken A Dodger Fan To A Giants Game

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"Every time I look at my pocketbook, I see Jackie Robinson."
Willie Mays

I talked a little bit about the Giants and Dodgers
this past April at the beginning of the baseball season. The over a century old rivalry started in New York and moved over to California when both franchises relocated in 1958. Since the big move, the Dodgers have won the World Series in Los Angeles 5 times, and the Giants won their first in San Francisco last year. Despite this, the rivalry is actually fairly balanced. Both teams have won 18 National League pennants (more than any other franchise) and six World Series titles.

Somewhere between this fierce competitiveness and an incredible history lies a mutual respect for each other's franchises. The Dodgers owe their move to California to the Giants, and Willie Mays, the Giants' most celebrated player owes his amazing career to the groundbreaking introduction of Dodger great Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play in the major leagues.

The Dodgers are in town this week for a three game series. Thanks to a season ticket holder friend, J and I were able to get tickets for tonight's game. Because we were out of town for my friend (and Dodger fan)
Frankie's birthday, we wanted to take him to this game. Frankie and I got to the game in the bottom half of the first inning.
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I had never gone to a game with a Dodger fan. For one, they smell bad, and secondly, their blue colors are ugly. (Hahahahaha.)
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I wore my best orange gear and got Frankie to wear his Dodger hat.

The Giants starting pitcher tonight was Ryan Vogelsong, who has been the feel good story of the season. At 33 years old, he has revived his career after having to go play ball in Japan for a few years. At the end of the night, he led the National League with a 2.02 ERA.
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The Giants scored 4 runs in the sixth inning, which didn't make Frankie so happy, but I was overjoyed!
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At one point of the game, someone in the audience started the wave. After I told Frankie that AT&T Park is a no wave zone, he proceeded to make a wave of one. I disapproved.
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The game ended the way it should always go, with the Giants beating the Dodgers. The crowd was totally digging it.
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This was fun! I didn't think going to a game with a rival fan could be this fun. Of course, maybe I'd feel differently if the result was switched. Hopefully, Frankie had a good time.

I think the spirit of the rivalry is something unique and special in baseball, and I'm really glad I have someone to share that with. Good friends and good times is what enjoying sports should really be about. (PS World Champions FTW!)
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