Assembled And Decorated A Gingerbread Christmas Tree

“Had I but a penny in the world, thou shouldst have it for gingerbread.”
--William Shakespeare

Since J and I were away for most of December, we haven't had a chance to enjoy the holiday season at home like we normally do. Today was our first full day back, and I wanted to do a few things related to Christmas. We picked up a gingerbread tree at the store today. This one was made by Wilton.

I started by removing the cookies from the kit.

Next, I had to make some icing. The kit came with two colors: white and green.
I used the stand mixer to make the white stuff first.

The kit also came with piping bags. I filled one up with the white icing I made.

I repeated the same steps for the green icing.

I started piping the icing on a plate to hold the cookies down.

I put the first layers of cookies down on the plate, offsetting them slightly from each other.

This continued until all the cookies were placed.

With the green icing, I started decorating the points of each of the stars by piping little points.

On top of each of the green parts, I put little round candies on the icing.

After that was done for the whole tree, I put the star on top of the tree.

I piped white icing on the edges of the cookies.

It was a lot of work to complete the white piping, but eventually, I finished it. I also put little presents at the base.

This was a cool, little Christmas project. I was happy with how it cam out, and I'm looking forward to eating it. I love the holiday season!
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