Eaten The Chicken And Waffles From Little Skillet

"The food in Europe is pretty disappointing. I like fried chicken. But other than that Europe is great."
Donnie Wahlberg

A few months ago, I got to try
the buffet at Farmer Brown but was actually trying to go to Little Skillet. Today, I finally got to go there. The fried chicken and waffles at Little Skillet are #99 on the 7x7 2011 Big Eat List.

We made a plan to go there when it opened at 9:30. Aaron came to pick me up and we headed over to 360 Ritch Street (a little alleyway @ Townsend). The cool thing about Little Skillet is that they're literally a window with a sandwich board outside of it.

I poked my head in to see them making waffles.

A lot of things sounded good on the menu, so I went a little crazy with the ordering. I ended up trying the catfish po' boy, the biscuits and gravy, the pulled pork and grits, and the chicken and waffles. I also had the special, which was a kobe beef waffle panini.

Aaron ordered the chicken box which came with a side of fries and some cornbread.

The catfish was really good. The breading was crisp and the fish was cooked perfectly. This was a solid sandwich choice.

The biscuits and gravy were also delicious and I thought they were unique. The flavors were definitely more complex than most biscuits and gravy I've tasted.

The pulled pork and grits were a really great combination, and they were very tasty as well.

In my opinion, the kobe beef special was the only disappointment. I personally would have liked if the beef was cooked a little less. I bet I could order it that way if they have something like that again. The panini also had goat cheese and marinated cherry tomatoes, which were a good compliment to the beef.

Finally, the chicken and waffles were outstanding. Out of all the items I've tried on the 7x7 list, this is easily the first one I can say that I'm sure I'll revisit. The outside skin was perfectly crisp and seasoned very well, but even more importantly, the chicken was juicy and delicious. It's just so good, all I can say is "Wow."

I really appreciate what Farmer Brown and Little Skillet are trying to do: serve soul food made with locally grown, fresh, and sustainable ingredients. I also appreciate that the food they serve is downright delicious. I can't recommend it enough.

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