Eaten The Ginger Snaps From Miette Bakery

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"Me want cookie!"
Cookie Monster

I noticed these cookies were on the 7x7 List and we happened to be at the Ferry Building a couple days ago, so I thought it would be a good idea to pick them up for dessert. Like most places at the Ferry Building on Saturdays, Miette Bakery is very busy, but they had a very good amount of their cookies, as well as other treats.
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I chose the Gingersnaps and also the Chocolate Wafers. They looked great. The other cookie that's similar is the Graham Cracker w/ Honey, but that didn't appeal to me as much. They also had some cakes and other baked goods in their case that looked pretty good, but I was there for the cookies.
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The Gingersnaps had a good spice to them and they were crunchy, which I didn't expect I also liked the sugar dusting around the edges - and the bit sprinkled on the top.

I enjoyed these cookies, but I'm not sure they are on par with some of the other things I feel deserve to be on a list of San Francisco foods you must have. I probably won't get them again because they're $8. The chocolate wafers were delicious though. I'm a little curious about some of their other items because they seem like a nice bakery.
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