Made A New Years Resolution And Stuck To It

“Every day in a life fills the whole life with expectations and memory.”
C.S. Lewis

Before 2011 started, I made a resolution to try more new things. Since New Year's Resolutions are notorious because people often don't stick to them, I knew I had to make my goals concrete and quantifiable if I was going to have any chance of actually completing them. That's when I came up with the idea for doing at least one brand new thing everyday. It didn't matter if it was a small thing that interested me, something that was necessary, or a lifelong pursuit.

I committed to doing at the very least 365 new things, ensuring that no two days in 2011 would be identical. I believe trying new things and learning is essential to the human experience, and even just a day after the year's end, I look back on this fondly.

Would I do it again? I am definitely going to continue trying new things. While I'm less likely to say no to doing something adventurous, I won't be doing it everyday.

As I was approaching the end of this project, I definitely had mixed feelings about it. I was relieved that I would be done soon and excited that I would be able to say I accomplished it. As I was looking over all the items I completed this year, it is really difficult for me to believe I have actually done so much that was new, and I smile when I think about the things on the list. Even though documenting everything was a ton of work, I'm glad I did it because now I can look at the site as my giant scrapbook of 2011.

While many of my single items are less impressive than others, I hope you see the collection of all the items is really incredible. As a wise family member pointed out, a great life is a collection of wonderful and mediocre days, and I think this year has accentuated that for me.

Favorites Of The Month:
I've compiled my favorites from each month.
January: Judged a Mission Burrito Blind Taste Test (1/16) - This was a good, old fashioned, delicious blind taste test.
February: Splashed In Rain Puddles For Fun (2/17) - I rediscovered being a 32 year old kid was super fun.
March: Handed Out Rain Ponchos And Emergency Blankets To Ten Homeless People (3/11) - I personally interacted with folks I wanted to help in the wake of a coming rain storm.
April: Been To A Championship Ring Ceremony (4/9) - This was an event 52 years in the making. I love my San Francisco Giants.
May: Owned A Fish (5/13) - Ha, thankfully, he's still alive.
June: Seen The Grand Canyon (6/14) - It was even more incredible than I thought it would be.
July: Gone To The CrossFit Games (7/29) - The Games marathon was on ESPN2 today (1/1/12).
August: Owned A Piece Of AT&T Park (8/7) - For my birthday, J and family gave me a paver brick from Willie Mays Plaza. My love for the Giants will be forever etched in stone. Well, brick.
September: Finished Tough Mudder (9/17) - Half our team tattered and limping, we prevailed on the brutal course at high elevation.
October: Butchered A Whole Cow (10/16) - I took a 9 hour class on beef butchering. It was deliciously awesome.
November: Eaten Lunch At Skywalker Ranch (11/3) - We had lunch with a few coworkers and our friend visiting from Singapore. We even got to see the Indiana Jones artifact that rhymes with Moly Brail.
December: Gone To The Museum Of Modern Art (12/16) - The final month was so eventful which made this a very difficult choice. The Statue of Liberty, my first marathon, cross-country train travel, Chicago deep dish pizza, and the White House were all so very awesome, but Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night just totally blew me away.

Been Downsized (8/23) - The weeks leading up to this were very trying for me. I was having trouble sleeping because I was stressed about the climate at work. In the end, it worked out, but it changed my perspective on what I wanted to do at work and what I wanted to focus on.
Run A Marathon (12/4) - I did not finish with a great time, but this made me realize that long distance running is just not my thing.
Completed A 100 Day Burpee Challenge (5/11) - J and I finished this over three month challenge of 5,050 burpees.

Las Vegas
Los Angeles
Washington DC
New York

Significant World Events:
This was a very interesting year in world events. These events helped shaped this year and will impact many years ahead.

Arab Spring - A revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests in the Arab world led to revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, a civil war in Libya, and civil uprisings in several nations.
9.0 Earthquake in Japan - A devastating earthquake and tsunami had the world's attention in March and resulted in over 15,000 confirmed deaths.
President Obama's Birth Certificate - For a few months this year, a small group of Republicans tried to claim the President was not born in America and therefore ineligible for office. That all stopped when the President showed everyone the long form of his birth certificate.
Royal Wedding - The world went crazy when Prince William and Catherine Middleton got married on April 29th.
The Death of Steve Jobs - On October 5th, one of the world's most iconic businessmen and technology trendsetters died at the young age of 56.
The Killing of Osama bin Laden - On May 2, the head of al-Qaeda was killed by US special forces unit SEAL Team Six in a mission called Operation Neptune Spear.
Occupy Protests - A global protest movement directed against economic inequality that started in September.
Last US Troops Moved Out of Iraq - American military involvement in Iraq started in 2003. Finally, the last US troops departed the country on December 18th.

Thank You's:
I've Never Done That could never have been completed in this way without some very special people. I am so lucky to have wonderful friends and family that have been extremely supportive and helpful. I want to give special thanks to the following organizations and people:

The San Francisco Giants
The City and County of San Francisco
The San Jose Sharks
The Golden State Warriors
American Film Institute
4505 Meats
Habitat For Humanity
Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic
Glide Memorial

Steve Jobs
Lance Armstrong
Chris Spealler
David McRainey
President Barack Obama
George Lucas
Walt Disney

Ryan Diaz
Laurie Torelli
Aaron Luk
William Kendall
Carl Paoli
Kelly Starrett
Frankie Kwak
Kim Woo
Joanna Woo
Madelena Dong
Jeremiah Grant
Mat Berglund
Siyu Song
Christy Rowland
The Olivinator
Brian Paik
Angie Mistretta
Dave Lo
Roger Huang
Peter Bogatsky
Bryan Horvat
David Robson
Mike Jutan
Franklin Chance
Jessica Riewe Chance
Erik Joot
Tu-Anh Nguyen
Eric Herzog
Jing Cui
Todd Vaziri
Chris Foreman
Tim Brakensiek
Kirk Shimano
Chris Chin
Becca Rufer
Jaclyn Barcewski
Ryan Farr
Kent Schoberle
Randy Newcomb
Eric Wong
James Tooley
Geralynn Soga
Doug Soga

My grandma
My sister
The best mother-in-law on the planet, Ying

... and of course, my partner in this world, my insanely beautiful and ridiculously amazing wife, Jenn. I couldn't have come anywhere close to completing this without her love and support. She is my inspiration.

Going Forward:
My plans for 2012 are still a bit up in the air, but in this first week, I want to come up with some focused goals in only a few areas. I will continue to watch classic movies and develop my skills within my profession, but I want to accomplish more multi-day (maybe even multi-week) projects. These require more planning, but I am up to that challenge.

As for the site, there will be more content soon. Like us on Facebook and come back in a week to see what's next for
I've Never Done That.

As this fantastic year ends, another begins.... Thank you so much and have a safe, wonderful and Happy 2012!
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